Hope in this Moment

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Worship Leader


When I step back and look at the course of my 30 years of life, I can’t help but smile and shake my head at how God’s plans for me have so often looked different than my own. I’ve walked down winding roads that took me through the performing arts world, mechanical engineering, research/editing, and administrative roles, but now I've finally landed in the place that makes my soul feel alive and at home.

I suppose that’s what happens when you recognize the thing you’re created for - and that God has been preparing you for all along. Suddenly all those twists and turns start to make more sense. Things you thought were disappointments look a lot more like God’s grace. And you find yourself being thankful that not everything went the way you would have chosen.

My story is not unlike many of yours. I’ve known seasons of depression, years of anxiety, and believed the lies of the enemy more times than I can count. I know all too well the exhausting cycle of living for approval instead of living from the approval I already have in Christ. But I’m learning to hear God’s voice through the chaos of the world and my own brokenness. I’m learning that my joy, my peace, and my freedom come from clinging to the truth of who He is and who He calls me.  

My heart is to share the story of the healing that worship and thanksgiving have brought to my life. Much of that comes through in my songs, as many of them contain pieces of my testimony and what the Lord has so sweetly taught me along the way. I want to encourage others to step into a new way of life, and reassure them that there is nothing too broken, no situation too hopeless for God to be able to redeem it and turn it into something beautiful.

I am deeply grateful for the community I’ve come to know in the 10,000 Fathers Worship School in Atlanta, GA that has accepted me with open arms, challenged me to walk in my calling and identity, inspired me to create bravely, and most of all, loved me for who I am. I’m also thankful for my husband, Nathan, who believes in me, supports me, cherishes me, knows how to make me laugh, and is always up for an adventure.